Meetings, Patches, and Books (and Bacon, Kevin)

At the start… Kyo, hope you feel better, Chaotic tells me of the raw pain and horror you’re probably going through so… yeah, feel better!

Well, to begin with the end… Learning Python came today (well yesterday, and so did Robert’s) from Amazon. Yay! Been looking through it a bit, and so far so good, will have playing around with it. (As I’ve needed something non-gaming related to take breaks to for some time, now I have Python and Parlimentary Rules :) .) Depending on how busy I am in RL and MxO, I should be able to translate some of my much-loved early C++ projects over pretty soon, and maybe start working on a Loadout Generator thereafter :D :D … now if I could only write something to administer foot massages over aim…

Also, no patch today, meaning live event will start Weds. at the earliest (unless, which I doubt, the resources have been in-game since 7.4057).

Finally, the meeting wasn’t very productive because of both technical issues (that better be fixed in time for the event) and lack of attendance. I’ve only gotten five responses so far, so I’m gonna have to beat some captains up soon if I don’t hear from them by tomorrow.

Also… I was looking at my web stats (<3 CPanel) and somehow… through like 15 degrees of separation… stumbled upon Morpheus is Dead. It’s (well Cinimatical is) a movies blog thingy that I’ve have yet to fully comprehended (but I’m liking it so far), but they summmed it up perfectly in a paragraph… and it took us a week to do. Well except for just laughing at Morpheus’s dead ass, that’s solid gold that you can never replace.

For symmetry’s sake (and as a raw burgeoning addendum), I’ve noticed that I tend to do rantish posts, and then do recaps, but rarely the other way around. Probably a symptom of recollecting my thoughts for the rant and then just needing to write down the rest of the recollected thoughts, fascinating… that and rocks your pants.

I blame Star Wars…

With my experiences with Star Wars I have seen three different styles of training. The first is the traditional relationship between Knight and Padawan, the Knight trains the Padawan in all things Force-y. The second is the one shown in Jedi Academy, where one Master trains multiple Padawans (Kyle with Jaden and Rosh for example). The third is a variation of the first, which was alluded to in KotOR 2, where Revan trained with various Masters for specific techniques (offensive powers, sabers, healing, probably even diplomacy) but still retained her first Master as her own.

Now this entire discussion came about when I went with two of our guys into Sakura with Kyo, and… it didn’t go well. The guys didn’t have PvP-ready builds and not much in terms of tactics, not their faults, they should have been trained in such arts. With Legion’s structure of a council and then captains for operational (manned) crews, each sort of Jedi instruction could come in really well in teaching our guys how to fight.

The Captain
The Captain (and by extension, the First Mate’s) role in the crew is that of taking care of their crew. From clothes to combat training, that is what a captain should have to worry about. In addition to the more tangible responsibilities, when crew members get to a certain stage or if they request it, PvP and farming education should happen. The principles of builds, tactics, and combat should all be explained, and I’m not seeing it in our guys at the moment. This is the first step.

A captain shouldn’t just worry about skills, clothes and levels, they need to teach their members how to use them. The basics of advanced farming and PvP should be taught (not just shown) to the crew members, because the first time (after this reorg happens) that I see someone farming with MA… I will punt their captain… a lot. The same applies for PvP, if one of their guys is a decent level and knows jack shit about how to fight in PvP, their captain is going to have to answer “Why?”. A level of competency in all things is expected from crew members, and that’s the crew captain’s job.

This instruction can be achieved through crew meetings, and also with more general mentoring. How the captain achieves this is up to them and is of course highly dependent on the crew members themselves.

The Council
The Council members, in all honesty, are acting as substitute Captains at the moment. Outside of the occasional dispute or bit of diplomacy, that’s all they’re doing, and that’s not what they’re there for. Now I can’t say a lot at the moment, because people just haven’t been on lately. Everyone has been running around picking up everyone else’s slack for a while now. A reorg (or completion of our first one) is the first step in this. But the addition of master training to their list of duties is also of the utmost importance.

If Captain to Crew relationship was like that in JA then the Councilmen to Student relationship is that of Revan’s. When someone who has already achieved skill in a field (doesn’t just have to be one), they should be able to train with one of council. If this comes from the observation of a council member or captain, or from a request from the person, they should be able to receive advanced training in anything from Martial Arts or Coding to Leadership or Diplomacy.

For example, I’m one of Legion’s main Patchers (along with Skaald), if I see someone who is already pretty good at being a Patcher, is a great asset in a fight, and has a desire to learn more, I might approach them about some advanced training as a Patcher (or they may approach me about understanding the class more). They would work with me for a while until they know about as much about Patcher and how it operates in PvP as I know. The same sort of example would apply to teaching people how to work as leaders in combat or out.

The role of council member as a master instructor works well within our structure and just plain seems to work well. The captain’s job of teaching their members the ropes is only enhanced by this, as they can refer a particularly promising and eager student to a council member if their own expertise does not lie in that field (i.e. Patcher or Coder).

It looks like a triple-win… now all we need to do is implement it…

Captains Meeting and the Magic of RSS

Holding another captain’s meeting later today (which I will attempt desperatly not to oversleep… actually debating if I could even stay up that long, but probably leaning towards getting to bed). Pretty important, details are in the private forums… so make haste mofos.

In other news… I just realized I could get an rss feed of our forums per forum, which is teh kick ass. Using it as a live bookmark in Firefox is less then stellar, so going to give SharpReader a shot (unless there are other recommendations :P ).

Ice Bitches

Ok, watched the first eight eps of Evangelion yesterday and beacuse of such, am comming to understand more my attraction (as characters… mostly) to the “ice bitches”. My best example is obviously Lulu from FFX and where I got the term from (Blizzaga for the win). Rei at this point in the series is a decent example (and beacuse I only know her from this part, it serves as a testing ground). My issues with Pace are also a symptom of this, she’s too flirty and ditzy (as ditzy as an Agent can be) for my liking, it’s sort of fan service at the expensive of the character .

Now of course, to develop as characters, they mostly “thaw out” and get googly-eyed for one of the secondary characters (main characters don’t get the girl half the time it seems, she’s too good, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” material :P ) and the badassness suffers, (again, Lulu in FFX-2 is still cool and retains some badass, but she basically sucks). I guess I like them in games/anime beacuse they seem really hard to pull off. They either get killed off, knocked up, or just fade into suck (Atris, and to a lesser extent Bastilla in the KotORs). Rei’s (and everyone to whatever his face is really…) sorta, “whine more noob” (to quote Sileas), so she’s cool like that. Still a bitch, but cool. The ice bitch. Now of course, ice bitches in real life are normally pains in the asses, unless they reach ultra-cool levels (to make up for said bitchyness).

My favorite person who needs to get her ass in-game for once is a good f’ing example :P

Then agian, I might just be kinky like that…