^ to use my old Dissidents tags.

Lots of fun stuff… botched event… strange PvP over in 01… and the writing of the reports…. GUH. And that’s just today.

After tonight, I just want a god damn hug, some ice cream, and maybe bust out a nice ep of Bleach or Gundam Wing. I want to bash some skulls in… but honestly do not want to deal with Mero bullshit for the next week! Honestly…

frustration ^ infinity = lose.

Oh, and Fly Me To The Moon for the win… (sue me for having watched DVD 4 of NGE today).

NGE OSTs and Hunting

The Hunt for Midnight happened last night… and during the debriefing, I was sort of drafted to help out on the rules and regulations end. Not like I don’t want to help but… yeah. Drafted is very appropriate. Going to be finishing a postmortem and basic suggestions by midday and then probably presenting them to Sattakan and Sug from TC before the all-hands meeting at 6pm.

I can’t believe I’m saying this… but… I. Am. Booked. Solid. That’s so wrong to say when you’re playing a game :P .

Also, I am not extracting the NGE theme, “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” from my mind by playing it over… and over… and over. Currently working on all the OSTs at the moment.

<3s BoxTorrents.

I sound like I ride the short bus…

We’ve fought the Assassin many times, and for the first time… we got it on film :P .

Rogue’s Assassin Battle video (5.74 MB) was taken maybe then a week ago if I remember right. Nice FRAPS work by our very own RogueA :) . Here’s the original thread on our forums, and I’m just kind enough to mirror it for posterity.

For the voice-challenged:
- The first voice is DragnMastyr’s.
- The voice telling everyone about the Assassin’s attacks is Zeromous (of course).
- The one who told us what the name of the attack was, “Assassin’s Corrupting Bile”, was sceeZer.
- The one who chimed in about the green lightening being a modified “Proxy Coder” was… me :( .

Every time I hear myself on tape or whatever, I always sound like a dumbass. w00t!