Clean-Up in Aisle 3!

  • Cleaned up catagories now (removed Legion and Analysis from Matrix and added SWG section).
  • Cleaned links up (various crap).
  • Yeah that’s about it… some list :P .

Anyway… just finished up some clean-up, hopefully it didn’t wreak havoc on my catagories (doubtful but going to check). Probably going to write a full fledged ramble in a bit if the SWG Forums don’t catch me again…

That took a bit…

Upgraded both blogs to WP 1.5.2. Might start writing on this more often now that Kyo’s ascended to mythical status, or more appropriately, because. (Haven’t talked to her in over a week, I’m sure she’s fine, just she hasn’t talked to me/come on TS/AIM in said time period is all :( .).