WordPress 2

WordPress 2 is out and cal is running it with no problems so far. The backend is real good looking and fast as anything, my only problem so far is the WYSIWYG editor.

It’s nice and all, but like any WYSIWYG edior, I find it more of a pain to use then just previewing the HTML on-the-fly.

Just writing this post now I had a bit of a problem beacuse of the p tag adding in extra linebreaks where I didn’t want them. It might take some getting used to, but for now, the pop-up box for raw editing needs to die. Overall, it’s a solid release and upgrading was easy as always. Now to just let the bug fixes roll in.

Happy New Year folks.


There’s supposed to be a longer post here, but it got trashed about half way through. I might revist it when I’m a lot more informed on the subject (I sound smart to myself, not so much when I write it down).

Anyway, in light of that, and because I wanted to do it anyways, the list of things various cool people gave me: a pretty cool change-sorter dealy (it sounds lame, but it’s actually kind of badass and small), a nice (and warm!) black long sleeve shirt from my aunt, which I proceeded to wear for waaay too long, and from the congealed mass of money I received from my family, this dA Print (8×10 Matte btw), this headset, some various subscriptions I needed to pay and *drumroll*… maybe a new domain (I haven’t decided if I want to, and even if eBart will work well with it).

(Kyo got these badass goggles from someone, I don’t know… they’d make me look like a retard but they’re so damn badass!)

The domain thing is something I’ve wanted for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to. Now, it’s more of an issue of “can I stay with those dope people at eBart and not have to pay through the roof because of multiple domains”. DreamHost has always been recommended to me (well by PigMonkey at least) but I don’t know, they always felt a little “off”.

In site news… I added a new link section where I’m whoring myself out, and also added a couple of links like Aelon, Lunar, and the aforementioned pig-monkey.

Finally… there are WAY too many furries on dA… example. I’m glad they aren’t the creepy kind fabled in The Geek Hierarchy, but they’re still slightly unsettling.

Teamspeak is Evil

…or Teamspeak needs logging that doesn’t poof when you switch servers/reconnect.

Apparently Kyo sent me a message sometime in the middle of her move, which of course I didn’t get beacuse TS crashed. Awesome, good to know she at least tried to talk to me (rather then generic vanish). Anyway, I stayed up way too late helping Kreamy and his brother with space missions so now I’m proper fucked when it comes to sleep cycles again.

Also, I stumbled upon a really interesting fact… there are two Monoliths. Monolith Productions are the old MxO devs and they’ve also done Alien vs. Predator, the N.O.L.F. games and more recently F.E.A.R. and Condemned.

Monolith Soft is Japanese and in addtion to the Xenosagas they’ve done Crono Cross! Oh, and the subtitle for Xenosaga Ep III is “Also Sprach Zarathustra”, again referencing Nietzsche, but also the title of a piece of music I had to study for Academic Decathlon by Strauss.

You’d recognize it from 2001.