I’m making it so comments need to be approved before posting to stop this online casino shit (at least until I find a better solution).

Basically, I’ll approve anything that isn’t spam although pictures of spam are fine… I guess… freaks.

Beware: Corny

[I am not responsible for the very likely avalanche that would occur from my following actions... and that video "tape" providing "indesputable proof" is SO fake.]

*scales generic tall thing-y… i.e. a mountain*

I love Kyo!

*watches small village be buried in snow, chuckles, and climbs back down*

*realizes car was also buried in snow*

… god damnit.

*runs away from mob of angry, half-frostbitten villagers that managed to claw their way out*

… god damnit.

Hope that put a little smile on your face there Kyo.

Also, For everyone who didn’t puke from that… Mages are so emo (and after playing RO with Kyo tonight…) and horrible rape radius indeed.

About the WYSIWYG Editor

With the previous post I tried something a little different in terms of posting (since it wasn’t meant to be posted in the first place). It was written outside of WP and then C/P’ed in. I then added the paragraph tags manually. That’s a pain in the ass, but come to think of it, I should be able to emulate that in the editor… which I just did.

I just never understood how it does things (like I kept hitting enter twice like a dumbass) so now… this thing’s alright. The other weird thing was that line at the bottom bothered me to no end, now I get that it’s supposed to be like that (I guess).

WordPress 2 for the win.

In other news… probably going to do a redesign of the site when I get that shiny new domain (and no, I haven’t picked a host yet).

Finally, hilarity ensues with the launch of MxO’s “External Playtest” server. I love the fact that it was taken down less then three hours before it came up!