About the WYSIWYG Editor

With the previous post I tried something a little different in terms of posting (since it wasn’t meant to be posted in the first place). It was written outside of WP and then C/P’ed in. I then added the paragraph tags manually. That’s a pain in the ass, but come to think of it, I should be able to emulate that in the editor… which I just did.

I just never understood how it does things (like I kept hitting enter twice like a dumbass) so now… this thing’s alright. The other weird thing was that line at the bottom bothered me to no end, now I get that it’s supposed to be like that (I guess).

WordPress 2 for the win.

In other news… probably going to do a redesign of the site when I get that shiny new domain (and no, I haven’t picked a host yet).

Finally, hilarity ensues with the launch of MxO’s “External Playtest” server. I love the fact that it was taken down less then three hours before it came up!