Pub 28 Entertainer Stuff Posted

Pub 28 Entertainer Profession Additions posted by TH over on the SWG boards.

I do like how they aren’t actually a full combat class as they only have the bare essentials of a DD special and a self-heal but if you think about it in terms of old post-CU skill points:

  • Grand Master Entertainer was 250 skill points.
  • A nice chuck of Doctor was 50-something.
  • A line in an elite Marksman tree was another 50-something.

I know that I’m probably going to be deleting my noob Jedi and making an Entertainer (on the Aen’ene account) to get a bit of the old Master Dancer/Pikeman action back (which to this day is still my second favorite pre-CU spec behind CM/Swordsman).