Ok… so I blame Kyo.

Yeah the whole guide thing went down the tube because of:

The first being at fault because it fucking rocks (but under closer examination is flawed), the second because she fucking rocks, and the last because it fucking blows but Kyo wanted to play it so :P (kidding mind you).

After we got Xfire In-Game working, so as to get around the game’s asstastic chat filter and disabled Windowed mode. We were able to like… talk. For an example of the chat filter: if a long, well thought out message contained the words, “as such” the entire message would get nuked because the chat filter sees “as s…” as “ASS” so it kills it. Also, at least on her machine, RFO + Teamspeak = me cutting up, so good thing Xfire In-Game works.

I’m still downloading the client off of FilePlanet but log sorta goes like:

[01:56] alynna: this is alot like RO
[01:56] Cal: but 3D
[01:57] alynna: RO was 3d, with sprites.
[01:58] Cal: ok then: 3D in the modern way, not in the FFV way
[01:59] Cal: you know… you starved the MxO community from very long and dry tree guides? how do you sleep at night?
[01:59] alynna: lol

The pot popping (say that three times fast (although in your defense, I can hardly say it once slowly)!) is similar to RO, so I can sort of see where she doesn’t find it quite as “offensive” as I do.

Then again… I’ve been reading too much F13, The Cesspit, with a bit of Lum on the side so… you can forgive me for being waaaaaaay too cynical about things.

Still, I’ve “learned” a lot from reading through their archives, most of which makes my feeble attempts at categorizing the genre look, well, to put in Skaald’s words, “You did pretty good… for a kindergartner.” I was intending to write about it (since I’ve been reading a lot of over the weekend) but, reference the above three as to why I haven’t.

Still, as something useful, I cleaned up the “pages” so as to look less stupid and spruced up the links section (I can’t believe I used the word “spruce”…).