Blizzard Got Their Money

After like four days of more server error messages then I’d care to list, I was finally able to log into my WoW account and re-subscribe for another month (mainly while PvP issues get sorted out in MxO).

I guess Blizzard finally realized that they actually like money!

The Best of the Worst Outcomes

Ok, first the bad news, I’m getting a root canal and the first of four wisdom teeth removed in like two and a half weeks.

Oddly enough, that’s also the good news. Only half the wisdom teeth require surgery and the Doc assured me the painkillers would be both good and plentiful. On the root canal… the theory is that there was a weak spot in my last upper left molar because I have what can only be described as a “big motherfucking hole” in that tooth, I discovered it sort of suddenly (two weeks ago), the infection appears to be slow, and it doesn’t hurt (unless you jab something sharp in there like the assistant that was cleaning my teeth did, “Doesn’t this hurt?” “Ow.”). So, bacteria works it way in my tooth and basically one shotted it… sploits!

Anyway, the Doc said he didn’t forsee excruciating (yes, he did use that word) pain and such so I actually came out of there feeling a lot better then when I walked in, especially considering what the fuck is going to happen in my mouth for the next month.

Painkillers, fuck yeah.

Indiana Jones with Tatas

(That is not my line mind you, that blonde chick (not Jennifer Tsao from EGM, the one with the dog) said it The 1UP Show a bit back.)

Got to play a little Tomb Raider: Legend today after I got done with MxO (stopped at a shade over 200mil). So far I’m liking it. Running it at my desktop res and just turned off FSAA and it was running really nice. For the brief bit I’ve played (about a level and a half), the controls really feel tight which is something I’ve never felt a game’s gotten right with the mouse and keyboard. My one gripe though is that when going to aim, my cursor could be right over the dude, but it wouldn’t be connecting, especially when I was shooting through a doorway. That’s really minor though as running in and shooting people in the face with the pistols feels awesome.

In MxO news, we’ve got a thread in the private section of our boards going on right now about our RP stance/position/whatever. Basically, just going over what we feel our role as Cypherites is, how we approach things (from the RP POV, which we rarely use to be honest, we’re very pragmatic 99% of the time). Should be an interesting read after we get some people in it. (We’ll be moving it down to the DMZ in a bit.)

Outside of that, I decided to give the Lightning extension for T-bird a whirl. It really does feel like a 0.1 release, but it does what I need it to do (really rare and minor calendaring). Hopefully it’ll get more tightly integrated with T-bird later on, but like I said, it’s good for basic stuff right now. If you use Thunderbird and don’t really need a full-out calendar, you might want to give it a whirl. Sunbird‘s the standalone version that has a couple more features at the moment if you prefer that.

Off to the dentist in a bit, yay!

Music, Widgets and Info

Mostly got cash for most of the day in MxO, although they didn’t take the servers down like they said they would, so might be doing a bit of that tonight as well.

After 4am, I got off MxO and got to work on the site, which I just finished now actually (mostly, still getting an odd validation error that I’ll have to pin down later today).

To begin with I began widgetizing the site (word stolen from the linked blog, and I really couldn’t have gotten a lot of it working without reading that post) with ever fun WordPress Widgets (which I’ll need to add to the Legion site whenever it becomes actually needed :P ). To do so, I needed to update the lovely Almost Spring! theme (painless) and then get cracking.

After playing with Widgets for a bit I discovered a bit of a problem: it broke my hierarchy setting (the games are children of the MMOs section, so it shows them like that, now). After reading around in the Codex, I just did a quick in widgets.php, reuploaded and all was good (and better then before, since it’s now showing empty sections, meaning I don’t have to actually put things in the MMO section if they’re already in a child).

Next up was adding the XFN link into Meta, pretty simply once I actually RTFM’d and just made a my own Meta function in functions.php. After that I just slapped the Creative Commons License in the Footer and was just about done.

Last thing was something I was saw when reading up on Widgets yesterday, (now you too can know my bad taste in music). Audioscrobbler Winamp Plugin + = tracking of music and such. I was playing around with a couple of their display options and they didn’t really suit the small sidebar spot I wanted it to fill. After doing a bit of searching and not really being happy with a graphic solution I decided to just use an RSS feed of my recently played and use a simple RSS Widget to display the last couple entries. (It’s at the bottom of the sidebar, right above Meta.)

That’s about it for the site, and my first couple stabs at that validation error while I was writing this didn’t do anything, so yeah… I’m heading to bed.

Oh, and Dentist appointment tomorrow in the morning. Yay! Not…

CC License and Links

Added descriptions to most of the links (still got a couple I’ll do later today) and am going to move the XFN link down into Meta once I pick out a new theme (same with adding a Creative Commons License).

Honestly, I might be staying with this one, I like it a lot although I might futz with it a little bit (go go GPL) in the comming days (you know… after I do everything f’ing else). Adding those two to the Meta section though, that’s getting done as soon as I wake up.