Music, Widgets and Info

Mostly got cash for most of the day in MxO, although they didn’t take the servers down like they said they would, so might be doing a bit of that tonight as well.

After 4am, I got off MxO and got to work on the site, which I just finished now actually (mostly, still getting an odd validation error that I’ll have to pin down later today).

To begin with I began widgetizing the site (word stolen from the linked blog, and I really couldn’t have gotten a lot of it working without reading that post) with ever fun WordPress Widgets (which I’ll need to add to the Legion site whenever it becomes actually needed :P ). To do so, I needed to update the lovely Almost Spring! theme (painless) and then get cracking.

After playing with Widgets for a bit I discovered a bit of a problem: it broke my hierarchy setting (the games are children of the MMOs section, so it shows them like that, now). After reading around in the Codex, I just did a quick in widgets.php, reuploaded and all was good (and better then before, since it’s now showing empty sections, meaning I don’t have to actually put things in the MMO section if they’re already in a child).

Next up was adding the XFN link into Meta, pretty simply once I actually RTFM’d and just made a my own Meta function in functions.php. After that I just slapped the Creative Commons License in the Footer and was just about done.

Last thing was something I was saw when reading up on Widgets yesterday, (now you too can know my bad taste in music). Audioscrobbler Winamp Plugin + = tracking of music and such. I was playing around with a couple of their display options and they didn’t really suit the small sidebar spot I wanted it to fill. After doing a bit of searching and not really being happy with a graphic solution I decided to just use an RSS feed of my recently played and use a simple RSS Widget to display the last couple entries. (It’s at the bottom of the sidebar, right above Meta.)

That’s about it for the site, and my first couple stabs at that validation error while I was writing this didn’t do anything, so yeah… I’m heading to bed.

Oh, and Dentist appointment tomorrow in the morning. Yay! Not…