Meeting Rooms

I sort of took it upon myself to organize and clean-up our TeamSpeak channels a few servers ago. A while back Kyo got me started making dumb acronyms like OMG (Oscar Mike Golf) or NERF (November Echo Romeo Foxtrot) (using the ICAO Alphabet) out of our Meeting Room/Mission Team names.

Being the sappy motherfucker that I am, I’ve lately been doing ones like MISH (or up until 10minutes ago when I got out of bed to do this, BYE)… well since Kyo actually didn’t get a chance to see that last one (she didn’t come back on after she told me she was moving and such), I changed it something a bit more appropriate, that hopefully she might see soon :P .

Meeting Rooms KYO

Yes, I am a corny bitch, sue me.