ESRB Knocks Oblivion Up to Mature

Sam and Sharkey from 1UP can do it no better then I can, and here’s the news story.

I’m really thinking that the ESRB is just adding the “added gore and violence” (which I’m sure was there in their copy) to screw Beth over for the whole nudity thing, which you can’t even unlock on the 360 (but they’re still giving that one an M rating too). I mean… Hot Coffee got big because Rockstar denied it at first, but this is something that had to be modded. There was no way for someone without an internet connection, searching up a mod site, to get the chicks’ tops off.

What I said in a comment in Sam’s blog was simple: it’s like the ESRB pitching a fit over someone making nude models for Jedi Academy! (Which I actually need to play through again, just feeling like some saber swinging, and don’t want to go through KoTOR.)

This is quite simply the death of modding, and through it… the death of PC gaming. Thanks fuckers.