Frost Shock!

Replaced the DVD+/-RW drive on Fahmida today (which reminds me I need to get spec pages up for Fahmida and Len), and now I can actually burn DVDs again! MPAA beware :P .

On the WoW front, got my shiny Idol of Ferocity yesterday, so I’m now “complete”. In news that won’t get me to 60 any faster, Dragn got us to make Hordies on Wildhammer, just claimed the names and logged off for now (Elecktrofyre = Troll Shammy and Candar = Troll Hunter)… for those paying attention, yes I did just steal my old guild leader Aenene’s other name for my Shaman.

(My excuse is officially, “Shamans = elements, and well, elecktrofire’s a fine name, just a tweak there, and done.” That and Antara will probably be making an apparence as a Blood Elf Priest, Psychic Scream + Mana Tap Racial = fun.) Might be playing on them after I get 60 on Antara, since I’m all of 3 levels away.

Also, TMBG‘s She’s an Angel popped up on my playlist and… “When you’re following an angel / Does it mean you have to throw your body off a building?” Yes Thera, bad I do have it…

Anyway, good song by the own band, so aquire!