Licenses for Console Games?

Tim from CAD has commented on this rumor regarding, well, let me just quote him,

“First, there’s a rumor floating around (wildly unfounded at the moment, mind you), suggesting that Sony will sell licenses for PS3 games. Basically you’re paying your $50 for the license, and the actual software, digitally downloaded or a hard copy, is just a distribution method. This is to prevent the sale of pre-owned games. Amen, I say.”

First off, MMOs work the same way, and while he commented later on about you letting your friend borrow a game for a bit, it’s accepted as fact that giving someone your MMO account is a bitch and a half to do.

I agree with him on it being the whole used game thing being bad for us in the long run, after all, EB doesn’t make my games, they just charge me out the ass for them.

It’d honestly be a great idea if you allowed some sort of “required allowed transfers” just to make sure you’re not stomping on the whole “Fair Use” issue, which is important as well. Still, this is coming from Sony, and I think the last thing they need is this another thing that might put people off even if it’s a good idea for everyone involved.

Blu-ray player in a PS3, I’m looking in your direction :P .