I Speek Teh Good English

Interesting study via Terra Nova on the fact that… people have trouble communicating through text. Duh statement, especially about everyone being self-centered a-holes, but an interesting read none-the-less.

Considering the importance I have to place on written communication (formal, with school, or personal, like letters to Kyo or reading her messages, etc.) it will force me to think a good deal more about how I communicate certain things, especially with Kyo (since formal writing isn’t exactly a weak point for me… I hope) because of my great habit of over-analyzing things (read as: I probably want to cut her more slack in my head, for she knows not what she does… I don’t for that matter to be honest).

Basically: “get it through your skull that what you just read probably wasn’t meant to offend you” especially coming her most stupendous stealthed one, my girlfriend (since she’s like… awesome and junk).

Oh, and to make sure I didn’t screw up on any of that, I’ll need to pick up Google Toolbar… not like they don’t already have me by the balls (oh, and by the way, it’s awesome).

Finally though… ZOMGZ Agent Shades (try to look past the boobies if you can… it’s hard, I know).

Effeminate Male Leads

Why is it that to save the planet, or ride around in awesome-o humanoid armored suit thingy, you gotta look a least a bit on the girly side? The same can be said more and more for Japanese RPGs (Final Fantasy I’m looking in your direction) so I guess the Japanese just like their heroes girly looking (although outright female leads, that don’t have massive tits mind you, are really rare it seems). (This in no ways saying that massive tits are bad, not at all, just that they tend to lead to plot holes you could fly a mech through. I could probably have made every word in that last sentence a different anime link… but I’m lazy.)

This “sudden” insight into anime was of course sparked by watching the first episode of RahXephon, which I’m told is a mild NGE rip-off. I did spot a dead ringer for Faye Valentine though (maybe it’s just the yellow headband… and the hair… and the jacket, but who’s to tell these days).

Regardless, unless your name is Gundam SEED (which honestly wasn’t bad, just wasn’t a hard choice to clear some hard drive space with deleting) giant mechas equals good in my book (and I don’t know about you, but about 10-15 episodes in, SEED got weird, and not in a good way, maybe the whole, “I’m gonna sleep with the dude so he protects me” angle hit me the wrong way… good soundtrack though).

On completely unrelated notes, got an email from Kyo yesterday morning (status = ok-ish, inquire within if you’d like to know more I guess). Still no ETA on her getting back or anything… but still, it’s really, really good to know that she’s in one piece. Oh yeah, yay!

The second completely unrelated note is… today should be fun, very… hopefully. We’ll see, bwahahahaha.

Oh yeah, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Do You Hear It?

That’s the sound of the internet’s four-time-a-year-ass-kicking known as a “WoW Patch Day”. Looks like some fun stuff this patch that I’ll dicuss when I actually get in game (and see what borked) and when I’m not playing Tomb Raider… yes.


Ok, no suprise to anyone reading this, I like playing Healers. To be more correct (and to agree with Abalieno, in a sec), I like playing Support characters, it’s just that Healers (the ones that make the health bars go up) are the most direct method of insuring people… don’t die.

That being said, PvE Healing in World of Warcraft is boring as hell. Why? Beacuse it’s just making the bars go up. To be more correct, PvE Healing sucks… hell, for the sake of screwing my point over, PvE sucks as a whole.

Ok, so that being said… can you make supporting abilities more interesting (although healing’s pretty interesting as it is, better then being a DPS bot), possibly better then straight healing at keeping people alive (that whole “Ounce of Prevention, Pound of Cure” thing doesn’t really apply in MMOs). Still, you’re treading on the ground of the TBCs, so that way indeed lies madness.

Honestly, healing in PvP is slightly more interesting, although it really depends on communication (i.e. Teamspeak) and telling the person soaking up the damage to not be retarded. It really comes down to teamwork and not really based on the mechanics. The whole responsibility for keeping people alive is the attraction, and if you actually care about the people you’re working with, that helps… a lot.

Still, if you look at an example of a game without healers like RFO… well RFO‘s problem is that Consumables > player abilities in terms of keeping people alive, so that’s kinda fucked up. Rather similar to the debate over Health Pills being nearly as strong as Patcher skills (in the hands of a mediocore player) at keeping someone up. It’s outsourcing in games! (Although it stems back to D&D healing potions being called “Clerics in a Bottle”.)

Don’t know, I’ll have to think over this one, but I’m not sure how you work on making “support” a better “supporter” then a straight healer (just look at CoH with groups really asking for “Empathy” over dedicated Defenders in other areas like CC or buffs) without making the proper healer completely worthless. I think some CU SWG comparisons between Combat Medic and Doctor may be useful here (I’ll have to look the math up again later today).