Effeminate Male Leads

Why is it that to save the planet, or ride around in awesome-o humanoid armored suit thingy, you gotta look a least a bit on the girly side? The same can be said more and more for Japanese RPGs (Final Fantasy I’m looking in your direction) so I guess the Japanese just like their heroes girly looking (although outright female leads, that don’t have massive tits mind you, are really rare it seems). (This in no ways saying that massive tits are bad, not at all, just that they tend to lead to plot holes you could fly a mech through. I could probably have made every word in that last sentence a different anime link… but I’m lazy.)

This “sudden” insight into anime was of course sparked by watching the first episode of RahXephon, which I’m told is a mild NGE rip-off. I did spot a dead ringer for Faye Valentine though (maybe it’s just the yellow headband… and the hair… and the jacket, but who’s to tell these days).

Regardless, unless your name is Gundam SEED (which honestly wasn’t bad, just wasn’t a hard choice to clear some hard drive space with deleting) giant mechas equals good in my book (and I don’t know about you, but about 10-15 episodes in, SEED got weird, and not in a good way, maybe the whole, “I’m gonna sleep with the dude so he protects me” angle hit me the wrong way… good soundtrack though).

On completely unrelated notes, got an email from Kyo yesterday morning (status = ok-ish, inquire within if you’d like to know more I guess). Still no ETA on her getting back or anything… but still, it’s really, really good to know that she’s in one piece. Oh yeah, yay!

The second completely unrelated note is… today should be fun, very… hopefully. We’ll see, bwahahahaha.

Oh yeah, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.