I Speek Teh Good English

Interesting study via Terra Nova on the fact that… people have trouble communicating through text. Duh statement, especially about everyone being self-centered a-holes, but an interesting read none-the-less.

Considering the importance I have to place on written communication (formal, with school, or personal, like letters to Kyo or reading her messages, etc.) it will force me to think a good deal more about how I communicate certain things, especially with Kyo (since formal writing isn’t exactly a weak point for me… I hope) because of my great habit of over-analyzing things (read as: I probably want to cut her more slack in my head, for she knows not what she does… I don’t for that matter to be honest).

Basically: “get it through your skull that what you just read probably wasn’t meant to offend you” especially coming her most stupendous stealthed one, my girlfriend (since she’s like… awesome and junk).

Oh, and to make sure I didn’t screw up on any of that, I’ll need to pick up Google Toolbar… not like they don’t already have me by the balls (oh, and by the way, it’s awesome).

Finally though… ZOMGZ Agent Shades (try to look past the boobies if you can… it’s hard, I know).