Well, first, the obvious, I upgraded to 2.0.4 (flawlessly as always) like a week ago.

Oh, and I found this just now (found at, which I ran into because of my search for an ASCII heart):

Keep on Blogging!

Kinda cool, might add it to the sidebar (the smaller version of course). Just so it can match my CC license and really get Random Federal Agency of TERROR on my ass :P .

In WoW news, I show myself as mildly retarded and then redeem myself in Tier 1, Level 70 Stuff, and Item Levels. And the end of this post can be considered my love letter to Exploration, and then the average level of Economics education in the country makes itself readily apparent.

(Oh, and Google Toolbar is rather finicky with WordPress’s editor, which makes me a mildly sad panda.)

Oh yeah, and Kyo’s back and stuff. Yay.