Firefox 2 Dictionary Fun

Firefox 2 is awesome no doubt, but it’s really easy to add a word you didn’t want to to the spell check dictionary.

If you do screw up, and you will, just close Firefox and go to:

C:\Documents and Settings\ACCOUNT\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\SOMETHING.default

(fix as appropriate) and find persdict.dat. Each line in the file is one word added to the dictionary so just delete your mistake, save, and start Firefox back up. Easy.


To the Horse Pistol!

My laptop will be in the shop for about a week and a half (battery/screen wigging out at the tail-end of the warranty). I’ll still have normal-ish net access (but alas, no TS or 24/7 Xfire), so if anything breaks, toss me an email and I should be able to get it fixed promptly.

*off to finish back-ups*

Don’t have too much fun while I’m gone :P .

Links, Mods, Expansions, Boring Stuff

Rogue poked me into updating this. As always, when there’s actually anything worth writing about… I’m off doing it.

Anyway, I updated the links section a bit (notice one thing in the pimpage section :P ?) and finally added that link I said I was going to… a few months back. Apart from that, not much going on, bouncing between both my characters as of late and have finally taken the plunge and picked up X-Perl, my interface is significantly prettier now.

Oh, and planned Druid talents, although the points in Imp LotP and Nuturing Instinct are basically preference (although I really like Imp LotP). +Healing is more of an endurance stat versus a power stat, so getting +300 on a nearly full heal isn’t that great sounding. Survival of the Fittest is nice, but I may end up swapping the points to Primal Tenacity and either Brutal Impact or Shredding Attacks. It really depends on how useful those talents become, but they’re all quite nice.

A certain someone doesn’t look like she’ll be on tonight, so I’ll probably continue the Druid stuff… next month or so?