Can’t Uninstall a phpBB Theme?

When I went to uninstall a theme on our forums, I was greeted by this nice error:

Template->make_filename(): Error - file admin/confirm_body.tpl does not exist

That error isn’t anything giganitc, it just means that page that asks, “Are you sure?” doesn’t exist. A quick Google search found the answer. But, since the code is generic, you can just use this generic confirm_body.tpl (Right-Click and Save As) and upload it to /templates/TEMPLATENAME/admin/ and it’ll just… work.

One reminder: you need to upload the confirm_body.tpl to the admin folder of the template throwing the error (meaning the one you’re using in your Admin Panel), not the one you’re trying to delete.


on the big stuff at least…

  • Changed my hosting provider to DreamHost. PM’s been using them for about as long as I remember, and so far I’m very impressed with their admin stuff, and being able to manage all my domains from a central spot is handy as fuck.
  • Slightly more obvious then the hosting change is the new domain, If you ever notice in a URI for a file that has a space in it, the spaces are encoded as %20, thus, space dot com (if this page on URL encoding doesn’t make sense to you, the joke is lost upon you). It’s stupid, but I like it, and I’m not using a sub domain for a non-existent company anymore, yay!
  • I’m 20. Goodbye teenage angst, hello twenty-something angst!
  • It Burns when I Crusade.
  • Guild Wars is fun. Not nearly as fun as Burning Crusade, but still fun.
  • Personal stuff that may or many not cause world-implosion. Safety not guaranteed bitches.

Also not guaranteed is me updating this page with anything. Especially with BC out… off to sleep.