… and I learned something.

From the University of Illinois College of Business Style Guide,

“If the URL is at the end of a sentence, include the ending punctuation.”

Also, “If the URL requires an ending slash to be accurate, it is used.
Test the URL with and without the ending slash to see if it can be deleted.”

I always left the end punctuation off when I put in URLs to avoid confusion… and I learned something.

Angst (and Something Useful, I Swear)

(Just off the bat, I don’t meant to be cryptic at first, but succinct.)

I don’t like the quiet. It lets me think of her… or the myriad other things I regret.

That’s really as both profound and lacking in angst as you’re going to get out of me, sorry. Anyway, I’d update more, but I’m horrendously boring… and angsty (probably). Also, college, but yeah, mainly the boring.

Oh, that useful thing: WoW Reputation Calculator (it’s really awesome, seriously). Just type in your name, server, and region and it auto-magically tells you how many instance runs/quests/days worth of daily quests you need to hit your next rep level. (from WOW Insider)