Hexic, I’m leaving you.

Puzzle Quest is on Steam.

With that one faithful post, schild may very well have ruined my life. So, I load up Steam and it sounds pretty awesome off the bat: dinglewtsgrats + a puzzle game? I’m weak for either, but just like Mass Effect combined shooter + RPG (more spam Techs + hold down Right Trigger for great justice than an actual shooter, but the point stands…) the combination is a vice grip on my brain.

It’s good, oh so good. I also imagine it’s a lot better on the PC (versus 360 via Live Arcade or PS2) just by virtue of it having a mouse instead of thumb-aiming for pieces which would make me very sad with this game.

Essentially, you have a standard “line up 3-5 pieces in a row/column and they disappear” puzzle game (plus special pieces of course), but when you take out pieces… you get that color of mana for your spells. Clear 4 red and yellow mana and you chuck a fireball at your opponent’s health bar. Or, my current favorite, use my trained rat mount’s ability to bite them. Yes, I captured a rat and I’m riding it around. What did I tell you about it being good? Sure, there are quests, with it being Puzzle Quest and all, as the world map expands out ala FFT and you go around doing feats of daring do… with puzzles… and spells… and rat mounts!

I have a final in two days… all is indeed lost.

Call it.

First actual campaign ad seen (instead of coverage of one)… Hillary ad during the Fox Morning News (not Fox News proper, okay!)

In other news… news:

Jeff Brown, Electronic Arts’ vice president of communication, told Kotaku that the producer [of Fox News' Live Desk with Martha MacCallum] told him to contact Fox News’ public relations department, which apparently now deals with factual errors in their stories.

(from Kotaku)

Wow, “You Go!” to both Kotaku and EA… who’d have thought.

EDIT: That was quick, same ad in about 20 minutes. Go go war chest, amirite?

Daedalus and I

I recently checked out Joseph Campbell‘s The Hero with a Thousand Faces and I came across this passage:

Most curiously, the very scientist [Daedalus] who, in service of the sinful king, was the brain behind the horror of the labyrinth, quite readily can serve the purpose of freedom. But the hero-heart must be at hand. For centuries Daedalus has represented the type of the artist-scientist: that curiously disinterested, almost diabolic human phenomenon beyond the normal bounds of social judgment, dedicated to the morals not of his time but of his art. He is the hero of the way of thought – singlehearted, courageous, and full of faith that the truth, as he finds it, shall make us free.

I feel like less of a jerk now… sorta.