Two Options

Whenever we arrive at some impasse in a campaign, Sean (our campus’ organizer) will say, “Well, we can quit, or we can work really hard to get this thing done.”  Of course, because I feel whatever we may be working on is important, I’ll go with the later.

When it’s something personal though, I ask myself the same sort of question (I’m lame like that)… and usually arrive at the former.

Peer pressure’s a bitch, ain’t it?

(While I’d love to end which such a concise phrase, I really don’t mean anything negative by that statement.  Just… I sorta do some (very) crude utilitarian analysis and personal stuff usually comes up short.  Well, that’s not entirely true either, since I can sit and play EVE all day and that doesn’t benefit anyone, but it also doesn’t require much work.  So it’s not strict utilitarianism relative to absolute actions, but more towards unit effort.

I guess…

Yeah, that’s some crude intellectual masturbation there.  This is why I don’t post to this thing much, Twitter‘s 140 characters keeps me from the above quite well.)