New Toys!

Just added a couple of new plugins to the site: Twitter Tools and WordPress Mobile Edition.

Twitter Tools is pretty slick.  Right now I have it set-up to post a daily digest of my Tweets (see default version here) and also allow me to update Twitter when I make a new blog post.   I’m not so sure how I feel on that feature, I have it enabled (but off by default) now.   I mean, it makes sense to answer “What are you doing?” with “Writing a blog post, here it is!”  Especially considering how intermittent these posts are and all.

WordPress Mobile Edition… I need to test out and my BlackJack just isn’t cooperating at the moment.  There’s another plugin that apparently does something similar, but this is the newer one so I went with this one first.

2 thoughts on “New Toys!

  1. Okay… I’ve encountered a snag with Twitter Tools. I currently have my Facebook status message tied to Twitter (because it would never get updated another way). Status messages don’t really work with links, so that’s a bit of a lost cause. I’ll be keeping it enabled, but likely not using it much.

    WordPress Mobile Edition is really quite slick though. No admin interface isn’t really a problem, I can just set-up post by email if I really needed it, (Usually though, I’m not writing a whole lot, so a tweet covers it well… and winds up in the daily digest anyway! w00t!)

  2. I turned off the Twitter Digests, although I might hack up a weekly one as that would be less spammy.