Playing with Wolfram|Alpha

My life expectancy (based on gender, nationallity, and current age) is 76.42 years… ┬áthat gives me until until Monday, June 18, 2063, which is 74 days after the Vulcans make first contact.

While it does a lot of neat things with one piece of information: a name, a date, some math, it doesn’t seem to be able to deal with the sets it’s using to produce the information. ┬áSo, while I now know that Isaac is the 41st most common name for (male?) births in the US, I can’t get to what the 40th or 42nd names or, what the 41st most common name for girls is right now.

For that, Google gives me good results for “names US births rankings” in no time, and I also learn that the Social Security Administration’s website doesn’t like Chrome.

Thanks to Lifehacker for the idea I’ve shamelessly stolen.