The Last Question and WordPress Combine for Unsettlingness

I just re-read Asimov’s “The Last Question” after having lunch with my folks. It’s probably my favorite story from one of my four night-stand mainstays (Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Treasury, that also includes “Flowers for Algernon” which I cannot assign enough importance to).

When I get back to my computer and hop over to my Gmail tab, I’m greeted by “please moderate this comment” email from WordPress. After dealing with the spam, I notice the yellow banner of “New WP version out, update now kplz.” I then hit “Upgrade Automatically” and it all works out (like it always does). (I even updated a plugin auto-magically.)

I was not sure at the time (and am still not) if I should have been more unnerved by a successful or unsuccessful outcome.

If it had mentioned anything about “insufficient data” though, I’d probably still be screaming.