Freshmen year equals very done.

And hopefully my desire for analytical writing (about things that are fun, term paper subjects can die in grease fires for a few months) can return. Right now, I just want to listen some Nightwish (Who are playing at two local House of Blues late this year, well… the sort of local one in Hollywood and in Anaheim, which isn’t local at all. Funny how living in the cancerous growth that is greater Los Angeles distorts your sense of distance.) and maybe heal the way to victory in Arathi Basin.

Also, as a side note… Armory + WordPress is apparently too much AJAX for one browser to handle *sigh*.

Meeting Rooms

I sort of took it upon myself to organize and clean-up our TeamSpeak channels a few servers ago. A while back Kyo got me started making dumb acronyms like OMG (Oscar Mike Golf) or NERF (November Echo Romeo Foxtrot) (using the ICAO Alphabet) out of our Meeting Room/Mission Team names.

Being the sappy motherfucker that I am, I’ve lately been doing ones like MISH (or up until 10minutes ago when I got out of bed to do this, BYE)… well since Kyo actually didn’t get a chance to see that last one (she didn’t come back on after she told me she was moving and such), I changed it something a bit more appropriate, that hopefully she might see soon :P .

Meeting Rooms KYO

Yes, I am a corny bitch, sue me.

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