Why does this thing exist? I have no clue really, it’s like a journal/ramble-zone that achieves and is searchable. Well I guess that’s it isn’t it? Existence doesn’t have to have some grand schema, it’s as simple as “it means I don’t have to use fucking LJ for this shit.”

The title also refers to Kyo being back… it’s sort of a sensitive and in flux thing at the moment so don’t feel like writing about it, but well she’s back and we’ve talked a lot since last night. Before she went to work today things had this sense of normalcy that I’ve been outright yearning for for the past 2 months.

It’s nice to have it, and most of all her, back.

Komm, süsser Tod

Komm, süsser Tod (End of Evangelion OST) is a pretty screwed up song. [Ed's Note: Got caught up in reading through my AIM logs with Kyo, now I just feel like curling into a ball. I'll finish this later or something.]

They wanna kill non-coms I swear…

GCW: New Galactic Civil War Point System

In this publish, we are adding a new Galactic Civil War Point System. Both Rebels and Imperials can earn Planetary Control Points for their side in the war by killing both Rebel and Imperial NPCs and factionally declared players.

Standings in the Galactic Civil War will now be based on the total amount of planetary control points your side has in the war for each of the current planets under contention. The planets on which you can earn points for your side in the war are Corellia , Naboo and Tatooine . Again, each of these three planets will have a different point total.

GCW: Gaining and Losing Points in the War

  • You must be declared Overt to earn these points.
  • Killing 25 NPC Rebels and Imperials will earn your side 1 point for the planet you are fighting on.
  • Each factioned player (Rebel and Imperial) you kill will earn your side 1 point for the planet you are fighting on.
  • The point scores for each planet will decay an unrevealed percentage every day, so you will need to remain active in the war to maintain the standings for your chosen side.

GCW: Checking the Planetary Control Score

There are “News Net” Terminals placed in Starports on Corellia, Naboo and Tatooine that players can use to determine who is winning the war on the planet they are currently on. Rebels and Imperials can to determine the actual score by speaking with a Faction Recruiter.


  • Spawns for Faction Bases are going to be temporarily disabled while we revaluate their overall role in the Galactic Civil War

- Update Notes: November 19th

This is starting to get really old. They keep making non-combatants (Traders / Entertainers) less and less useful and valued in SWG. First, they lump all non-coms into two of the nine professions, then they make a combatant less valuable when changing classes, then they remove the non-combatant’s role from the GCW completely. In addition, player-made items keep getting more and more marginalized, it’s sick.

Originally, a non-combatant could “contribute to the war effort” by buying faction points thru Smugglers. This was also available to combat characters, but they could also just kill for them as well. Then, those points could be used for bases (of varying size and type) that would contribute to the overall control of the planet. Thus, a powerful and rich non-com could essentially fund the entire war (which I understand is the case of the Rebels in SW canon) while the combatants fought it. Now, they’re useless as its all based on farming mindlessly… /cheer!

Here’s the thread on the GCW Forum where no one gives two shits about non-coms.

I’m really beside myself at the moment as they just keep gutting my game to shreds…