Indiana Jones with Tatas

(That is not my line mind you, that blonde chick (not Jennifer Tsao from EGM, the one with the dog) said it The 1UP Show a bit back.)

Got to play a little Tomb Raider: Legend today after I got done with MxO (stopped at a shade over 200mil). So far I’m liking it. Running it at my desktop res and just turned off FSAA and it was running really nice. For the brief bit I’ve played (about a level and a half), the controls really feel tight which is something I’ve never felt a game’s gotten right with the mouse and keyboard. My one gripe though is that when going to aim, my cursor could be right over the dude, but it wouldn’t be connecting, especially when I was shooting through a doorway. That’s really minor though as running in and shooting people in the face with the pistols feels awesome.

In MxO news, we’ve got a thread in the private section of our boards going on right now about our RP stance/position/whatever. Basically, just going over what we feel our role as Cypherites is, how we approach things (from the RP POV, which we rarely use to be honest, we’re very pragmatic 99% of the time). Should be an interesting read after we get some people in it. (We’ll be moving it down to the DMZ in a bit.)

Outside of that, I decided to give the Lightning extension for T-bird a whirl. It really does feel like a 0.1 release, but it does what I need it to do (really rare and minor calendaring). Hopefully it’ll get more tightly integrated with T-bird later on, but like I said, it’s good for basic stuff right now. If you use Thunderbird and don’t really need a full-out calendar, you might want to give it a whirl. Sunbird‘s the standalone version that has a couple more features at the moment if you prefer that.

Off to the dentist in a bit, yay!

Conan and Dual Gats?

CoS looks kinda interested in Age of Conan, which looks pretty good to be honest. Still, one problem when you have action based combat is that you’re gonna have aim-bots and the like, simply becuase hit detection is on the client side. That itself isn’t too much of a problem, but I’d like to the combat first hand, hopefully it’s a bit more interesting then say… Oblivion’s.

Their whole spell weaving system sounds interesting, actually most of it does. It’s a ways off, with no beta announcement and they’re saying a launch window of this year. Yeah, that’s gonna slip.

On the MxO front, tons of bullshit because some people are CCR’ing left and right accusing people of using the /attack exploit. Of course, since no single person has any faith in the game’s CSR staff, it makes us actually worry about getting banned for absolute shit.

Oh, and we don’t know why Prim3 got banned (at least from the forums).


I’ve mainly been posting stuff on our forums so that’s kept me busy. That, and with Kyo back playing MxO this poor thing is getting quite neglected.

On the other hand, Thunderbird is getting a workout as I get my nerd on with MMO blogs.


Masking = Bad

I just realized this now, but the masking isn’t updating the address bars which is five shades of retarded. I’ll fix it and then head to bed (I’ll just need to be more proactive about getting hosted sorted out).