Conan and Dual Gats?

CoS looks kinda interested in Age of Conan, which looks pretty good to be honest. Still, one problem when you have action based combat is that you’re gonna have aim-bots and the like, simply becuase hit detection is on the client side. That itself isn’t too much of a problem, but I’d like to the combat first hand, hopefully it’s a bit more interesting then say… Oblivion’s.

Their whole spell weaving system sounds interesting, actually most of it does. It’s a ways off, with no beta announcement and they’re saying a launch window of this year. Yeah, that’s gonna slip.

On the MxO front, tons of bullshit because some people are CCR’ing left and right accusing people of using the /attack exploit. Of course, since no single person has any faith in the game’s CSR staff, it makes us actually worry about getting banned for absolute shit.

Oh, and we don’t know why Prim3 got banned (at least from the forums).

Ability Conversion Botched

Well, they officially didn’t add in a way to deal with abilties at launch.

I know this has been a question and, frankly, it’s mostly a case of what we published before we had a “real” version of CR2.0 coming back to haunt us after we saw the reality.

Under CR2.0, not many Abilities were completely removed and not many new critical ones were added. Most Abilities either got converted to CR2.0 or were “swapped-out” with new ones. In those cases, no one loses anything.

However, we do need to help you get rid of the disabled Abilities, along with the Zen Master Abilities. After speaking with the team, it appears we do have a plan that we will implement in a hotfix (hopefully early next week).

After we have a chance to create and implement a hotfix, Vendors will buy Abilities for their base value plus the amount of $Information it cost to get them to the levels they’re at when sold (if levelable). This not only gives you an opportunity to get rid of disabled Ability codes, but also get rid of branches you no longer plan to use.

In addition, for a limited time, we will increase the frequency that red frags drop in the world. We will need to nail the dates down, but expect the period to begin when we apply the hotfix and to cover at least two weekends. This is, frankly, easier for us to do than to try to give back the correct red frag for each Ability that could be turned in. It also gives you a chance to collect red frags you need for other Abilities.

gain, it will likely be next week before we will be able to create, test, and apply the hotfix. We apologize for the delay, but will get the buyback process started as soon as possible.

Well… way. To. Go.

I’m not even bothering with MxO until they add that hotfix. Probably just log-in, take some screenshots and write some guides on the boards.


So I went back to the MxO boards…

just recently. It’s mainly been since I’ve been trying to get my head around their new combat system and this has caused me quite a bit of confusion. That confusion is at its most apparent with my post about Tree Visions.

It’s the sort of thing where I like to know what something is supposed to do before I do it, and there’s always been this sort of ghetto-ass secret knowledge sort of atmosphere in Matrix. When I look over at WoW, I can look on Thottbot as to what they’re wearing, and they post on the forums and disect their talent builds.

I look at RogueSpot and while I disagree with them a lot of the time, I don’t see anything like that for MxO, I don’t even see this. Now you may be wondering, well Cal, if you’re such a fucking genious and have all this free time, why don’t you go and do it?

I am, although the extent of this and exactly how many Rockstars I’m gonna need depend on the kind of response I get to that vision thread, because whatever Dev help I get is gonna go a long way to making a full guide to the CR2.0 available to everyone, on CR2.0 launch-day a possiblity.

I’ll also need help, especially with MA/Gunman and Proxy/Utlity Coder as I’m pretty rusty in those areas, if you want to lend a hand, comment or toss me an email at caladein2 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Also, that reminds me I should make a Contact page on the thingy *does that now, hopefully*.

About the WYSIWYG Editor

With the previous post I tried something a little different in terms of posting (since it wasn’t meant to be posted in the first place). It was written outside of WP and then C/P’ed in. I then added the paragraph tags manually. That’s a pain in the ass, but come to think of it, I should be able to emulate that in the editor… which I just did.

I just never understood how it does things (like I kept hitting enter twice like a dumbass) so now… this thing’s alright. The other weird thing was that line at the bottom bothered me to no end, now I get that it’s supposed to be like that (I guess).

WordPress 2 for the win.

In other news… probably going to do a redesign of the site when I get that shiny new domain (and no, I haven’t picked a host yet).

Finally, hilarity ensues with the launch of MxO’s “External Playtest” server. I love the fact that it was taken down less then three hours before it came up!