Freshmen year equals very done.

And hopefully my desire for analytical writing (about things that are fun, term paper subjects can die in grease fires for a few months) can return. Right now, I just want to listen some Nightwish (Who are playing at two local House of Blues late this year, well… the sort of local one in Hollywood and in Anaheim, which isn’t local at all. Funny how living in the cancerous growth that is greater Los Angeles distorts your sense of distance.) and maybe heal the way to victory in Arathi Basin.

Also, as a side note… Armory + WordPress is apparently too much AJAX for one browser to handle *sigh*.

We think you are really cool

I would have just used the chorus from that song, but that would have made sense.

Anyway, we’ve got a decent amount of the guild on Rupture now, it’s sort of like mySpace for Gamers, although specifically for WoW at this point. It’s pretty spiffy, and using an IM client it updates automatically. It was awesome (it blew CTProfiles out of the water on gear alone)… until Blizzard launched The Armory. It’s basically everything WarcraftRealms could ever ask to be, it has info on individual reputations, gear, buffs, arena rankings, guild statistics, except the whole census thing.

Actually, it seems like that’s the only thing The Armory doesn’t have is a full census section. For guilds, it’s really, really cool. Here’s our guild’s stats, all updating as soon as you change a parameter, and looking very cool to boot.

We’ll see what they add to The Armory, it’s really impressive for a start.


on the big stuff at least…

  • Changed my hosting provider to DreamHost. PM’s been using them for about as long as I remember, and so far I’m very impressed with their admin stuff, and being able to manage all my domains from a central spot is handy as fuck.
  • Slightly more obvious then the hosting change is the new domain, If you ever notice in a URI for a file that has a space in it, the spaces are encoded as %20, thus, space dot com (if this page on URL encoding doesn’t make sense to you, the joke is lost upon you). It’s stupid, but I like it, and I’m not using a sub domain for a non-existent company anymore, yay!
  • I’m 20. Goodbye teenage angst, hello twenty-something angst!
  • It Burns when I Crusade.
  • Guild Wars is fun. Not nearly as fun as Burning Crusade, but still fun.
  • Personal stuff that may or many not cause world-implosion. Safety not guaranteed bitches.

Also not guaranteed is me updating this page with anything. Especially with BC out… off to sleep.

Links, Mods, Expansions, Boring Stuff

Rogue poked me into updating this. As always, when there’s actually anything worth writing about… I’m off doing it.

Anyway, I updated the links section a bit (notice one thing in the pimpage section :P ?) and finally added that link I said I was going to… a few months back. Apart from that, not much going on, bouncing between both my characters as of late and have finally taken the plunge and picked up X-Perl, my interface is significantly prettier now.

Oh, and planned Druid talents, although the points in Imp LotP and Nuturing Instinct are basically preference (although I really like Imp LotP). +Healing is more of an endurance stat versus a power stat, so getting +300 on a nearly full heal isn’t that great sounding. Survival of the Fittest is nice, but I may end up swapping the points to Primal Tenacity and either Brutal Impact or Shredding Attacks. It really depends on how useful those talents become, but they’re all quite nice.

A certain someone doesn’t look like she’ll be on tonight, so I’ll probably continue the Druid stuff… next month or so?


Well, first, the obvious, I upgraded to 2.0.4 (flawlessly as always) like a week ago.

Oh, and I found this just now (found at, which I ran into because of my search for an ASCII heart):

Keep on Blogging!

Kinda cool, might add it to the sidebar (the smaller version of course). Just so it can match my CC license and really get Random Federal Agency of TERROR on my ass :P .

In WoW news, I show myself as mildly retarded and then redeem myself in Tier 1, Level 70 Stuff, and Item Levels. And the end of this post can be considered my love letter to Exploration, and then the average level of Economics education in the country makes itself readily apparent.

(Oh, and Google Toolbar is rather finicky with WordPress’s editor, which makes me a mildly sad panda.)

Oh yeah, and Kyo’s back and stuff. Yay.