Innervate: Core Ability

Eyonix posted in the Druid boards last night,

“When patch 1.11 releases, Innervate will become a base ability for all Druids, trainable at level 40. Once the patch is live, any Druid who formerly had the Innervate talent will instead have the “Swiftmend” talent, which has been added to the Druid Restoration tree, replacing Innervate as the 31 point talent. This new ability will consume a Rejuvenation or Regrowth effect to produce an instant heal.”

That’s… awesome. Basically, what I understand Swiftmend to be is that it basically takes a Rejuv or the HoT portion Regrowth and well… instant heals (we don’t know anything past that :P ). I’m not exactly sure why some people are pitching a fit, considering that every spec is getting a new ability. I also don’t see why people are bitching about how “it’s not worth it to go down more then 21pts. in Resto”, uh…

Improved Regrowth + Nature’s Grace anyone?

Gift of Nature when you aren’t wearing massive +Healing gear?

Tranquil Spirit + Moonglow?

Yeah… no reason at all to go past Nature’s Swiftness, none at all :P .

We still need to see how Swiftmend works and if they’re going to do stuff with Innervate, but having another “oh shit, our Priest is a dumbass” button will be very nice.

Quick WoW Stuff

I’ve been messing around with CTProfiles today and got a couple profiles up and working. Here’s the (attainable) Wish List, along with teh build.

I recently changed from Balance over to the cookie-cutter Feral + Nature’s Switfness mainly because, when I got Moonkin Form, it really wasn’t that helpful. I found myself really liking the healing role in AV, and I only really used Moonfire since I didn’t really feel like getting counter-spelled every time I tried Starfire (and Wrath was too mana-ineffecient for my liking). I didn’t want to switch to Balance w/ NS since then I’d be gimping Cat and Bear way too much.

On the PvE side though, it was even worse for Balance. If we didn’t have a Mage in the party, I’d be having to sit down and drink pretty often and burn like a stack of level 45 water/run. In addition, I hated having to burn a chunk of mana to heal and then not be able to do any damage if I didn’t have enough mana to go into Cat (on top of that, would be do shit damage in my Caster gear). On the aggro front, while yes, I don’t have any way to reduce my threat from spells, I was in Plate, so I wasn’t totally fucked when I pulled aggro. Later on though… yeah, that would present itself to be a problem.

In the end, Balance simply wasn’t working out so bounced builds around for a couple days. A while ago I stated that I wasn’t a big fan of Druid builds without 31 point talents, simply because I felt they let the Druid support the group passively. The problem with that being that Moonkin and Leader of the Pack both a) weren’t that great for bonuses, and b) required me to stay in a certain form for them to work. With Innverate, the problem was different: I’d only be using it on either myself, Priests, or another Druid in the sorts of runs I’m doing. Mages can Evocate (and are going to get that trainable in 1.11) and don’t have to blow 1g/run on water, Warlocks can Life Tap, Paladins are obscenely mana effecient, and Hunters don’t need mountains of it to do their thing. That leaves the Priests, or another Resto or Balance Druid… yeah, I’m going down that far a tree for those situations.

All 31s were out, and I needed at least 13-15 points in Feral I felt (now I know Mage’s pain in regards to Arcane) so I was left with one build: 0/30/21, the cookie-cutterest of cookie-cutter builds, and for good reason. Heart of the Wild rocks, my Cat is now up to a point where I’ve actually been brought into a group as a DPS swing-man (DPS, OT, and Backup Healer), and I’m an even better healer in Alterac then before (and I don’t have the very situational Moonkin pigeon-holing me). Overall, I’m pretty happy with it, and I’m sure I’ll love NS when I hit 60.

Do I miss stuff in Balance? Yeah, Moonkin was fun for throwing up Barkskin and hitting a group of Horde with Hurricane, but I can leave the AoEs to the classes with kamakize instant-casts. Nature’s Grace was cool for when I crit, but I never felt it hit at the time I needed it (same feeling I had with OOC). Moonglow was really nice for cheaper spells, but HotW sort of counters that with more Mana to start out with. Finally, better Imp. Moonfire and Starfire were nice, although Starfire Stun proc’d once in a million years, and the gimpier Moonfire is balanced out with my new Insect Swarm.

Now just to like… actually get 60 and stuff.

(You learn something new every day.)

Wrecking guilds

Wrecking guilds.

Was linked to this article from the WoW boards, kind of sums up all the problems with DKP.

I mean, we’ve done a ton of the instances in the HK series over the past six months or so, and never had a problem with loot, it was just “if you want/need it, roll for it”. The most complex thing we did when we first started was sort of define who “needed” what, and if you already had a weapon, you’d pass on it. Zero, Skaald, Kreamy and I did a couple Mara runs (or SM runs, a few levels back) and Skaald and I would just roll on something if we both needed it.

Did we care of this was Ruso’s first time doing HK and the cloak dropped? Nope.

I just really have to agree where the hardcore leadership just decided to rig a system so they could get all their shit, and every leadership group since decided, “Hey, it helped those guys get all their shit, we should use it to!”

That’s why I’m glad that Legion (with whatever damn name it uses in a game) has always been able to get things done with the guys we have, and in WoW (with the next patch) we’ll be able to do it there (go go Tier .5 sets + PvP stuff).

So I went back to the MxO boards…

just recently. It’s mainly been since I’ve been trying to get my head around their new combat system and this has caused me quite a bit of confusion. That confusion is at its most apparent with my post about Tree Visions.

It’s the sort of thing where I like to know what something is supposed to do before I do it, and there’s always been this sort of ghetto-ass secret knowledge sort of atmosphere in Matrix. When I look over at WoW, I can look on Thottbot as to what they’re wearing, and they post on the forums and disect their talent builds.

I look at RogueSpot and while I disagree with them a lot of the time, I don’t see anything like that for MxO, I don’t even see this. Now you may be wondering, well Cal, if you’re such a fucking genious and have all this free time, why don’t you go and do it?

I am, although the extent of this and exactly how many Rockstars I’m gonna need depend on the kind of response I get to that vision thread, because whatever Dev help I get is gonna go a long way to making a full guide to the CR2.0 available to everyone, on CR2.0 launch-day a possiblity.

I’ll also need help, especially with MA/Gunman and Proxy/Utlity Coder as I’m pretty rusty in those areas, if you want to lend a hand, comment or toss me an email at caladein2 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Also, that reminds me I should make a Contact page on the thingy *does that now, hopefully*.

Upgrades, Thunderbird, and Builds

Upgraded the site to 2.0.2 this morning, just a quick security upgrade.

Also, I got Thunderbird working with RSS (thus ditching Google Reader), so far it’s pretty solid. I find it superior to Reader by well… an order of magnitude, easy. (I love how I can easily set up feeds for the MxO/SWG forums, got the Dev/Character Trackers up along with their announcements boards making life really easy.)

On the WoW front, I found that Census+ won’t auto-census if you don’t have the minimap button enabled (not like it’s prime real estate anyway).

Finally before I run off again, semi-final build for Antara (31/15/5), although the two points in Brutal Impact are up for placement elsewhere (canidates are Improved Nature’s Grasp (2/5), Sharpened Claws (2/3), Improved Enrage (2/2), or even Nature’s Focus (2/5)). Still, this is as confident with a build as I’ve felt in sometime.