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Rogue poked me into updating this. As always, when there’s actually anything worth writing about… I’m off doing it.

Anyway, I updated the links section a bit (notice one thing in the pimpage section :P ?) and finally added that link I said I was going to… a few months back. Apart from that, not much going on, bouncing between both my characters as of late and have finally taken the plunge and picked up X-Perl, my interface is significantly prettier now.

Oh, and planned Druid talents, although the points in Imp LotP and Nuturing Instinct are basically preference (although I really like Imp LotP). +Healing is more of an endurance stat versus a power stat, so getting +300 on a nearly full heal isn’t that great sounding. Survival of the Fittest is nice, but I may end up swapping the points to Primal Tenacity and either Brutal Impact or Shredding Attacks. It really depends on how useful those talents become, but they’re all quite nice.

A certain someone doesn’t look like she’ll be on tonight, so I’ll probably continue the Druid stuff… next month or so?


Well, first, the obvious, I upgraded to 2.0.4 (flawlessly as always) like a week ago.

Oh, and I found this just now (found at, which I ran into because of my search for an ASCII heart):

Keep on Blogging!

Kinda cool, might add it to the sidebar (the smaller version of course). Just so it can match my CC license and really get Random Federal Agency of TERROR on my ass :P .

In WoW news, I show myself as mildly retarded and then redeem myself in Tier 1, Level 70 Stuff, and Item Levels. And the end of this post can be considered my love letter to Exploration, and then the average level of Economics education in the country makes itself readily apparent.

(Oh, and Google Toolbar is rather finicky with WordPress’s editor, which makes me a mildly sad panda.)

Oh yeah, and Kyo’s back and stuff. Yay.

Do You Hear It?

That’s the sound of the internet’s four-time-a-year-ass-kicking known as a “WoW Patch Day”. Looks like some fun stuff this patch that I’ll dicuss when I actually get in game (and see what borked) and when I’m not playing Tomb Raider… yes.


Ok, no suprise to anyone reading this, I like playing Healers. To be more correct (and to agree with Abalieno, in a sec), I like playing Support characters, it’s just that Healers (the ones that make the health bars go up) are the most direct method of insuring people… don’t die.

That being said, PvE Healing in World of Warcraft is boring as hell. Why? Beacuse it’s just making the bars go up. To be more correct, PvE Healing sucks… hell, for the sake of screwing my point over, PvE sucks as a whole.

Ok, so that being said… can you make supporting abilities more interesting (although healing’s pretty interesting as it is, better then being a DPS bot), possibly better then straight healing at keeping people alive (that whole “Ounce of Prevention, Pound of Cure” thing doesn’t really apply in MMOs). Still, you’re treading on the ground of the TBCs, so that way indeed lies madness.

Honestly, healing in PvP is slightly more interesting, although it really depends on communication (i.e. Teamspeak) and telling the person soaking up the damage to not be retarded. It really comes down to teamwork and not really based on the mechanics. The whole responsibility for keeping people alive is the attraction, and if you actually care about the people you’re working with, that helps… a lot.

Still, if you look at an example of a game without healers like RFO… well RFO‘s problem is that Consumables > player abilities in terms of keeping people alive, so that’s kinda fucked up. Rather similar to the debate over Health Pills being nearly as strong as Patcher skills (in the hands of a mediocore player) at keeping someone up. It’s outsourcing in games! (Although it stems back to D&D healing potions being called “Clerics in a Bottle”.)

Don’t know, I’ll have to think over this one, but I’m not sure how you work on making “support” a better “supporter” then a straight healer (just look at CoH with groups really asking for “Empathy” over dedicated Defenders in other areas like CC or buffs) without making the proper healer completely worthless. I think some CU SWG comparisons between Combat Medic and Doctor may be useful here (I’ll have to look the math up again later today).

Upgrades, and Anti-Spam

Upgraded to 2.0.3 (I’ll get around to upgrading the Legion blog soon enough). Also got off my ass and signed up for Akismet so that should hopefully cut down on teh spam. Apart from that, I had the second of four visits for my root canal done. Rather painless, but I still can’t eat anything for a bit.

In other news, I got 60 like… a couple weeks ago, and have now gone and lost my mind with my UI.

I’ll do a full list of mods once I get done, but so far a couple things that may cause me great insanity. I love MobInfo2 / Archaeologist / ArcanePartyBars from Cosmos. Now, I’d love to play around with Discord Unit Frames, but I hate to lose those mods. I’m sort of in the same boat with TheoryCraft and CooldownCount for Discord Action Bars, although CooldownCount is supposed to work with DAB… but who knows.

Still have a TON of work to do on DAB, and then getting it all squared away with CTRA. Then of course there’s the tweaks I need to make to ItemSync… but apart from that… nothing much :P .

Correction: DAB has a Cooldown thing built in, and I only had to disable CooldownCount proper to get it to work.