Housekeeping and Justice

I finally fixed the broken CommentLuv image in the sidebar.  In part because I remembered that World of Matticus uses it and that I could maybe download the file from them and just host it locally.  A few pokes around their directory structure and all fixed.  This wouldn’t usually be worth an update by itself (and it still isn’t), but it’s been broken for a long time!

Also, I caught the tail-end of a Michael Sandel lecture on John Rawls regarding “Redistributing wealth to help the disadvantaged.” (or so says the KLCS program guide) today.  I was moved to much pacing and thinking of the deep thoughts and I would write about said thoughts at length but, uh…

“Nobody can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own.”

-Sydney J. Harris

… yeah.

(The subject of my un-novel deep thoughts was mostly about how the arbitrariness of personal attributes and circumstances affects my understanding of allocating “myself” in a (strong) Pareto-optimal fashion and my need for that in the first place.  Then I got stuck in a rabbit-hole trying to show that my need to be Pareto-efficient leading me to say, do activism, made/makes me inherently weaker at that (relative to someone with an similar set of attributes and skills) than someone driven to it because of… empathy, or something.  Bleh.)

Good thing that Sydney J. Harris quotation (or ironically enough, one eerily similar to it) has been seared into my brain for ages, huh?

Finally, for disclosure’s sake: I stole “think deep thoughts” from Scott Jennings.

Where did this thing come from?

Upgrading to the latest WordPress has introduced the ‘Â’ character into a number of posts. As I have no idea why this happened and my phpMyAdmin-fu is weak, this fix will have to wait for a while.

EDIT: Just fixed it today after a rather simple find-and-replace on the wp_posts table.  (Export -> Do Notepad++ On It ->Drop Table -> Import Editted File.)  It was simple but oh so scary.   Let’s hope I didn’t break anything.

New Toys!

Just added a couple of new plugins to the site: Twitter Tools and WordPress Mobile Edition.

Twitter Tools is pretty slick.  Right now I have it set-up to post a daily digest of my Tweets (see default version here) and also allow me to update Twitter when I make a new blog post.   I’m not so sure how I feel on that feature, I have it enabled (but off by default) now.   I mean, it makes sense to answer “What are you doing?” with “Writing a blog post, here it is!”  Especially considering how intermittent these posts are and all.

WordPress Mobile Edition… I need to test out and my BlackJack just isn’t cooperating at the moment.  There’s another plugin that apparently does something similar, but this is the newer one so I went with this one first.


Just upgraded to WP 2.5 today (which is like two weeks late, heh).  You also may have noticed the new theme.  I was looking though WowAceUpdater for a couple mod modules and stumbled upon a mod called ClassButtons and found the author’s page and wanted the theme (and header) ASAP.

I still need to find a way to hack up the bottom to not look retarded (my links sort of break the format), but that’s a decent enough project to undertake.

Enjoy the new shiny.

Can’t Uninstall a phpBB Theme?

When I went to uninstall a theme on our forums, I was greeted by this nice error:

Template->make_filename(): Error - file admin/confirm_body.tpl does not exist

That error isn’t anything giganitc, it just means that page that asks, “Are you sure?” doesn’t exist. A quick Google search found the answer. But, since the code is generic, you can just use this generic confirm_body.tpl (Right-Click and Save As) and upload it to /templates/TEMPLATENAME/admin/ and it’ll just… work.

One reminder: you need to upload the confirm_body.tpl to the admin folder of the template throwing the error (meaning the one you’re using in your Admin Panel), not the one you’re trying to delete.