And I learned something… Tuesday Morning Edition.

I’m currently writing a paper on Catullus and I arrived at a grammatical impasse. It led me to look this up:

Statements in parentheses ( ) can be ignored when it comes to Subject-Verb agreement.

Thus, I didn’t have to completely rework a handful of sentences to avoid the awkwardness of a possible subject-verb disagreement. Trust me, this revelation is profound considering how often I use parentheses.


… and I learned something.

From the University of Illinois College of Business Style Guide,

“If the URL is at the end of a sentence, include the ending punctuation.”

Also, “If the URL requires an ending slash to be accurate, it is used.
Test the URL with and without the ending slash to see if it can be deleted.”

I always left the end punctuation off when I put in URLs to avoid confusion… and I learned something.