Thoughts: Mass Effect 2 Kasumi DLC

So, to get the TL;DR-type stuff out of the way: $7 US for a new character, her loyalty mission, and some loot (an SMG, a new casual outfit, a +Tech Damage upgrade).

Worth it?

  • If you’re starting up a new game, definitely.  Kasumi is a pretty neat companion both in dialogue and combat, her mission is fun, and the new weapon quickly found a firm place in my Infiltrator’s kit.
  • If you’re looking to play this on your Post-Game Save and then go back to something else, I might pass on it until you revisit ME2 or there’s a sale.

Now, onwards in a relatively spoiler-free way.

Kasumi, Legion, and Shepard enter the Citadel.

Yes, that's Legion (I <3 Gibbed's Save Editor)

Kasumi, the character, is quite good.  Even taking her through just an initial visit to the Citadel and Mordin’s recruitment mission I found her incidental dialogue to be some of my favorite so far.  There’s a triggered piece of dialogue on Omega about the use of light that reminded me a lot of my, now, other favorite character to take around, Jack.  Both characters’ statements are from the “bottom”.  They’re not the usual expository lines you might get from fancy-pants characters and also not the “Ooooooooh, so shiny” crap from callow characters (who may or may not be space hicks).  Both Kasumi and Jack give perspectives that usually aren’t given about places and even less often done well in my experience.

In combat her trademark ability is Shadow Strike… which is basically Shadowstep.  It makes her into a very mobile, stealthy, Shotgun-type character (without the Shotgun) able to ruin people’s day down range.  Her loyal power is a flashbang grenade which has seemed useful but I haven’t put much time into it (and I’m too in love with Geth Shield Boost to take it myself).

Kasumi and (Female) Shepard at the beginning of her loyalty mission.

Meeting the mark.

I was pretty excited by the mission concept when they announced this DLC and my head filled with Leverage and Alias “party heist” episodes.  For the most part it delivered.  There wasn’t nearly as much conversation and subterfuge as I might have hoped for, but that’s been my complaint about Mass Effect 2 all along.  The prerequisite “Get him to talk so we can forge his voice print” conversation was way too short, even compared to the similarly short sequence at the end of Garrus’s loyalty mission.  (I did go for the Renegade dialogue option so maybe I missed out on a longer sequence.)  Without spoiling anything else, the final sequence is a touch disappointing mechanically aside from an awesome cutscene with Kasumi going all Ninja Gaiden. (YouTube video if you have no plans of picking this up.  The first 40 seconds is all you need.)

As for the loot: the SMG is nasty if you’re looking for a mid-range option, likely to replace the has-no-ammo-capacity heavy pistol for my Shepard.  The new casual outfit will only be used occasionally, but it’s a nice touch.

Shepard in her new Casual outfit.

Why yes, I do make this look good.

All in all, a fine excuse to start a new canonical sort-of Renegade Female Shepard that slept with Liara playthrough I’ve had on the backburner since I first finished Mass Effect 2.

(Screenshots taken with Xfire.  All my ME2 screenshots can be found at my profile.)

Hexic, I’m leaving you.

Puzzle Quest is on Steam.

With that one faithful post, schild may very well have ruined my life. So, I load up Steam and it sounds pretty awesome off the bat: dinglewtsgrats + a puzzle game? I’m weak for either, but just like Mass Effect combined shooter + RPG (more spam Techs + hold down Right Trigger for great justice than an actual shooter, but the point stands…) the combination is a vice grip on my brain.

It’s good, oh so good. I also imagine it’s a lot better on the PC (versus 360 via Live Arcade or PS2) just by virtue of it having a mouse instead of thumb-aiming for pieces which would make me very sad with this game.

Essentially, you have a standard “line up 3-5 pieces in a row/column and they disappear” puzzle game (plus special pieces of course), but when you take out pieces… you get that color of mana for your spells. Clear 4 red and yellow mana and you chuck a fireball at your opponent’s health bar. Or, my current favorite, use my trained rat mount’s ability to bite them. Yes, I captured a rat and I’m riding it around. What did I tell you about it being good? Sure, there are quests, with it being Puzzle Quest and all, as the world map expands out ala FFT and you go around doing feats of daring do… with puzzles… and spells… and rat mounts!

I have a final in two days… all is indeed lost.

Call it.

First actual campaign ad seen (instead of coverage of one)… Hillary ad during the Fox Morning News (not Fox News proper, okay!)

In other news… news:

Jeff Brown, Electronic Arts’ vice president of communication, told Kotaku that the producer [of Fox News' Live Desk with Martha MacCallum] told him to contact Fox News’ public relations department, which apparently now deals with factual errors in their stories.

(from Kotaku)

Wow, “You Go!” to both Kotaku and EA… who’d have thought.

EDIT: That was quick, same ad in about 20 minutes. Go go war chest, amirite?