New Nightwish Video (and PvP Trinkets)

New Nightwish video up on… now, I was never really a fan of Nightwish’s videos, but just listening to the track there just isn’t that same sorta vocal power from Anette Olzon as there was from Tarja. It’s more of an Evanescence-like sound, which isn’t bad (Cy’s apparently a fan of Ms. Lee‘s singing), but it isn’t that operatic sound that actually made me like Nightwish over others in the genre.

That said, Nightwish was all over the map at times in the first place, so I can’t exactly judge off a few tracks.

In actually decent news, new PvP trinkets! They all have an on-use of +1750 max health and you get your choice of a passive: 47 +Damage, 40 +Spell Crit (or regular Crit) Rating, 80 AP, or 88 +Healing (I assume it will also have 29 +Damage). They will certainly replace my current second trinket.

Freshmen year equals very done.

And hopefully my desire for analytical writing (about things that are fun, term paper subjects can die in grease fires for a few months) can return. Right now, I just want to listen some Nightwish (Who are playing at two local House of Blues late this year, well… the sort of local one in Hollywood and in Anaheim, which isn’t local at all. Funny how living in the cancerous growth that is greater Los Angeles distorts your sense of distance.) and maybe heal the way to victory in Arathi Basin.

Also, as a side note… Armory + WordPress is apparently too much AJAX for one browser to handle *sigh*.