Housekeeping and Justice

I finally fixed the broken CommentLuv image in the sidebar.  In part because I remembered that World of Matticus uses it and that I could maybe download the file from them and just host it locally.  A few pokes around their directory structure and all fixed.  This wouldn’t usually be worth an update by itself (and it still isn’t), but it’s been broken for a long time!

Also, I caught the tail-end of a Michael Sandel lecture on John Rawls regarding “Redistributing wealth to help the disadvantaged.” (or so says the KLCS program guide) today.  I was moved to much pacing and thinking of the deep thoughts and I would write about said thoughts at length but, uh…

“Nobody can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own.”

-Sydney J. Harris

… yeah.

(The subject of my un-novel deep thoughts was mostly about how the arbitrariness of personal attributes and circumstances affects my understanding of allocating “myself” in a (strong) Pareto-optimal fashion and my need for that in the first place.  Then I got stuck in a rabbit-hole trying to show that my need to be Pareto-efficient leading me to say, do activism, made/makes me inherently weaker at that (relative to someone with an similar set of attributes and skills) than someone driven to it because of… empathy, or something.  Bleh.)

Good thing that Sydney J. Harris quotation (or ironically enough, one eerily similar to it) has been seared into my brain for ages, huh?

Finally, for disclosure’s sake: I stole “think deep thoughts” from Scott Jennings.

Where did this thing come from?

Upgrading to the latest WordPress has introduced the ‘Â’ character into a number of posts. As I have no idea why this happened and my phpMyAdmin-fu is weak, this fix will have to wait for a while.

EDIT: Just fixed it today after a rather simple find-and-replace on the wp_posts table.  (Export -> Do Notepad++ On It ->Drop Table -> Import Editted File.)  It was simple but oh so scary.   Let’s hope I didn’t break anything.


on the big stuff at least…

  • Changed my hosting provider to DreamHost. PM’s been using them for about as long as I remember, and so far I’m very impressed with their admin stuff, and being able to manage all my domains from a central spot is handy as fuck.
  • Slightly more obvious then the hosting change is the new domain, If you ever notice in a URI for a file that has a space in it, the spaces are encoded as %20, thus, space dot com (if this page on URL encoding doesn’t make sense to you, the joke is lost upon you). It’s stupid, but I like it, and I’m not using a sub domain for a non-existent company anymore, yay!
  • I’m 20. Goodbye teenage angst, hello twenty-something angst!
  • It Burns when I Crusade.
  • Guild Wars is fun. Not nearly as fun as Burning Crusade, but still fun.
  • Personal stuff that may or many not cause world-implosion. Safety not guaranteed bitches.

Also not guaranteed is me updating this page with anything. Especially with BC out… off to sleep.


Well, first, the obvious, I upgraded to 2.0.4 (flawlessly as always) like a week ago.

Oh, and I found this just now (found at, which I ran into because of my search for an ASCII heart):

Keep on Blogging!

Kinda cool, might add it to the sidebar (the smaller version of course). Just so it can match my CC license and really get Random Federal Agency of TERROR on my ass :P .

In WoW news, I show myself as mildly retarded and then redeem myself in Tier 1, Level 70 Stuff, and Item Levels. And the end of this post can be considered my love letter to Exploration, and then the average level of Economics education in the country makes itself readily apparent.

(Oh, and Google Toolbar is rather finicky with WordPress’s editor, which makes me a mildly sad panda.)

Oh yeah, and Kyo’s back and stuff. Yay.