SER Website Equals Very Go

Not the website, so much, but we did set up a bitching Google Group: It actually wasn’t even my idea, I’m mildly overcome with joy.

On that note, I’ll probably be whipping up a gCal sometime tonight and piping announcements through to the Group. That, with a nice redirect (like blah.blah/calendar) should help deal with the lack of integration for now.

Oh, and I miss not having spell check in-browser something fierce.

We think you are really cool

I would have just used the chorus from that song, but that would have made sense.

Anyway, we’ve got a decent amount of the guild on Rupture now, it’s sort of like mySpace for Gamers, although specifically for WoW at this point. It’s pretty spiffy, and using an IM client it updates automatically. It was awesome (it blew CTProfiles out of the water on gear alone)… until Blizzard launched The Armory. It’s basically everything WarcraftRealms could ever ask to be, it has info on individual reputations, gear, buffs, arena rankings, guild statistics, except the whole census thing.

Actually, it seems like that’s the only thing The Armory doesn’t have is a full census section. For guilds, it’s really, really cool. Here’s our guild’s stats, all updating as soon as you change a parameter, and looking very cool to boot.

We’ll see what they add to The Armory, it’s really impressive for a start.