The Ghosts of Awesome, Not Awesome, and Future Awesome.

First off… DMC4 looks awesome, Lady even more so.

In not-future news, I picked up God of War 2 and GH3 recently. More importantly, I picked up a new PS2 for the living room (man is that thing small) and it’s very nice to get off my 14in. + RF connection. What’s not awesome though is that the Kramer Wireless decided that it would devour batteries, or at least not recognize them as inside, so I would get like… to the intro movies before it crapped out.

I went through an entire box, it was a God damn crusade for batteries. But I will rock out… eventually, I swear to you all. (Seriously though, I sucked so bad, like, I don’t know what my fret hand is doing bad.) I did feel badass for the like the half-song I actually got to do though.

GoW2 rocks, but you don’t need me to tell you that. I don’t think I’ve said “shazam” so many times in my life. (In my defense, I had the Simpsons scene with Homer thinking “PYLE!” “Sha-ZAM!” over and over again stuck in my head.) At the same time that I felt awesome, it was completely different from GH3-awesome or any other platformer for that matter, more like playing Fahrenheit with less acid. Like I was watching 300 instead “being” Leonidas, but the smoothness of movement (the wall climbing in the titan’s cave was glorious) and the whole “press one button to do like five different things to the dude’s spine” did let me appreciate how awesome it all looked. (On that note, I’m thinking about getting this poster all nice and framed up.) For more consumer-whore speak, I need to get a nice platformer that isn’t ball-crushing.